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Enjoy The Vietnamese sandwich At Pho Nam

Pho Nam, 606 King St., is the second location of a Vietnamese restaurant that has been in Gaithersburg, Maryland for more than 20 years. The family-run restaurant chose to expand to Alexandria because Old Town reminded them of their historic hometown in Vietnam, General Manager Ryan Le said. They also thought it would be an ideal place to introduce their cuisine and culture because of the number of tourists and locals.
Pho Nam’s Vietnamese sandwich is currently only offered at their Alexandria location
As per, "In keeping with the restaurant’s slogan, “the great taste from yesteryear,” the food at Pho Nam is traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Le said. The most popular item is the beef pho, but Pho Nam’s Alexandria location also offers another sought- out menu item: banh mi, or the Vietnamese sandwich. “The [food] that we do in here, we try to do it as traditional and authentic as possible,” Le said. “So, we try to stick with the old original recipe and we don’t really do like fusion or anything like that." According to, "The restaurant opened on King Street in the middle of the pandemic, and despite low foot traffic, Le said the community has been extremely supportive. After the pandemic, Le said he wants to create a family-friendly environment at Pho Nam because the building has the size to host a lot of people and create an authentic community space."

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